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Magic Truffles Hollandia Mushrooms For Sale

For centuries many tribes and people from all over the world have been consuming truffles. For may of these tribes and people, eating truffles has a religious connotation. For instance, shamans eat truffles to gain access to the world of the gods, get more insights or obtain healing power. The use of these truffles even dates back to the Aztecs.

Truffles are a product of mother earth and has the power to give you a beautiful experience. They can help you to explore yourself and to see the world from a completely different angle. This experience can be very interesting, beautiful or funny but sometimes also scary or confronting. Therefore it is important to follow some rules(see below) and always remember: if you treat the truffles with respect, the truffles will respect you too.


The psilocybe Hollandia has a very strong effect – this is one of the two strains that made it to the full score on our 5 finger scale. With the Hollandia variety of magic truffles you will most likely experience hallucinations – if you dare to take enough. But even smaller doses will send waves through your body when the effect starts. Your senses are sharpened (your eyes could be overly sharp actually), creative thinking is at its full potential and a feeling of being one with nature can arise. The occurring effects greatly vary from person to person and can not be compared or predicted because they depend on many personal prepositions and environmental circumstances.


Good times with friends or the knowledge of ancient mystics at a glance with our easy-to-use dosage calculator.

Preparation How To Take Hollandia Magic Truffles:

A. It is best to take the truffles on an empty stomach or at least three hours after a light meal.

B. Only take truffles if you are feeling mentally strong and happy, they intensify the mood you are already in. Never ever take truffles if you are feeling bad, depressed, restless, angry, hurt or paranoid!

C. Take them in a place where you feel secure and at ease. Good places are: your own home or that of a good friend, or outdoors in the fields. Do not go into crowded places(bars,clubs) or scary places

D. Take the truffles with a good friend you trust, not alone. Some people also prefer using a”tripsitter”.

E. In case you do not feel well during the trip, you should sit or lay down and start eating sugar or vitamin C. Let the other people know you are not feeling well, they can help you feeling ok again. It is important that you get positivie and nice thoughts again.

F. Do not mix truffles with alcohol or other drugs.

G. Do not combine with MAO inhibitors





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