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Feel your best at every moment. Renew your mind with a smooth flow of energy from a decadent dose of Brainstorm and wind down with a post-dinner, dozy dose of Nightcap. Alice’s sumptuous, all-natural chocolate bites enhance whole-being vitality to create bright-eyed days and restorative nighttime slumbers.


Brainstorm: Fairly traded organic dark chocolate, organic Lion’s Mane and organic Cordyceps from 100% fruiting body mushrooms, guarana and phosphatidylserine. Each square of Brainstorm contains 66mg of natural caffeine which is equivalent to ⅔ cup of coffee.

Nightcap: Fairly traded organic dark chocolate, organic Reishi from 100% fruiting body mushrooms, chamomile, L-theanine, magnesium, zinc.

Vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and kosher.


Each bite of Alice is formulated to promote long-term benefits while also delivering an immediate boost to cognitive functions.

The long term benefits come from our functional mushrooms. These substances are felt over time — not instantly. When incorporated into a daily routine, the nutrients compound in your body and become more effective (and noticeable) with sustained use.

But we also know that nothing beats instant gratification. That’s why we’ve combined our mushrooms with the best nootropics and adaptogens. This union pairs the long-term benefits of mushrooms with the immediate effects of the nootropics, and keeps you on your journey into the delights of fungi.

The result: an indulgent daily routine that’s good for you and only gets better with time.


One square suits most.

Enjoy one dose of Brainstorm when you’re in need of sharp focus or a clean boost of energy. Each square of Brainstorm contains 66mg of natural caffeine which is equivalent to ⅔ cup of coffee.

Enjoy one dose of Nightcap one hour before bed each evening. Those looking for a stronger, more prolonged sensation may enjoy a double dose.


We exclusively use organic, fruiting body Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps and Reishi mushrooms that are hand-harvested when their medicinal compounds are at peak concentration. Our mushrooms are dried in the sun to soak up Vitamin D before undergoing a pure, starch-free extraction process.

All ingredients are third-party lab tested for safety and stability, and mushrooms are third-party lab tested for potency.


1 Duo 16 doses of brainstorm + 16 doses of nightcap, 2 Duos 32 doses of brainstorm + 32 doses of nightcap 15% off


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